About me

Hi company, fan or whatever you want to be. It is a pleasure to meet you. I hope to see you here more often. There is a possibility to take a look at my work, you can book me for an assignment or you can just roam around. Over the years I have gained a lot of work experience in various industries. Click in the menu on the button explore, there can you find more information about my work. My name is Tara Koppers, I did my first photoshoot when I was fifteen years young. Did I like the photos? No I didn't! But I immediatelly said that I wanted to become a model. When I gave birth to my son and had a diffucult relationship, I stopped for a while. After finishing high school I ended up in the advertising world. I started at SintLucas in Boxtel where I graduated in 2012. I also studied for a few months as an Industrial product designer and mechanical engineering. I have creative plans for the future. If there are any questions do not hestitate to ask them. You can send me an e-mail info@tarakoppers.com or use the contact button.

I am ready to work with you...give me a shout